Another year older: Happy 4th birthday

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Tomorrow is my sweet baby girl’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe she is another year older, where has the time gone? Will the time continue to fly by as it has? I made a very conscious effort when she was born to not wish her years away but instead I wanted to cherish each and every day, whether it is good or bad. Today at school, Jas got to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. Everyone enjoyed cupcakes (not homemade, ugh! I’ve been so busy). Nonetheless, the cupcakes were delicious and enjoyed by all.

When it was time to go pick Jas up, she came out wearing an adorable gold birthday crown and tied around her wrist was a purple balloon. Her teacher also gave her a book for her birthday. My little girl was ecstatic as you might can tell from the photo.

I’m looking forward to celebrating her birthday all weekend long. Tonight while she is sleeping I’m going to sneak in her room and tie balloons to everything I can. I want her to wake up in a birthday balloon wonderland. Photos to follow ;)

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  1. Brenda says

    Happy Birthday to your precious little girl!  What a sweet idea, to tie balloons in her room while she’s asleep.  I bet she’ll be so happy in the morning.

  2. Erika says

    Aww Happy Birthday to her! She is such a cutie. I try to do the same thing about not wishing the years away. Some days are tough, but each day is a blessing with our little ones! :)


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