Finally October is Here a Flashback

Finally my second most favorite month as arrived, yes I’m aware It has been here for about 6 days now but I’m just getting around to typing out this post. I woke up today to find some super adorable free graphics from The Pixelista and I thought how cute they would look in a post about October with a kind of ode to Halloween. Beside November (my birth month) October has and always will be my favorite month of the year. I should have planned my children to be born in October, maybe I would have had a Halloween baby!!

I love October so much and I guess it goes back to being a kid and absolutely loving Halloween and everything that went along with it. The dressing and being able to stay up late. Family trips to the pumpkin patch to choose that perfect pumpkin. Watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin after trick-or-treating all night. I would look forward to October and especially to Halloween all year-long, along with my brother. We would dress up and walk forever, well at least it felt like forever. My best Halloween memory would have to be my worst.

I was about 8 and we were living in the hills of Benicia, CA. I dressed up like a clown that year, big colorful wig, bright red nose and a goofy outfit. We walked up and down all the streets for hours. I hadn’t told anyone that I was suffering inside but I knew if I told my mom and dad I was not feeling up to par they would take us both home immediately. I didn’t know it at the time but I had a massive ear infection.

It was only after we got home did I fess up to my mom about the horrible agony I was in. I was taken right to the hospital still donning my crazy clown attire. The ER staff had pity on me and why wouldn’t they?! A sweet little girl still in her costume crying and in obvious pain. I can remember much more after that but I do remember thinking Halloween only comes once a year and there was no way I was letting an ear infection ruin my trick-or-treating fun.

What are your family Halloween traditions?? I keep Halloween alive and well in my home. My husband never celebrated Halloween because he came from a strict religious home so he gets to relive what he missed as a child through Jasmine and now baby Sean. He never carved a pumpkin till he met me 6 years ago.


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  1. SUPER CUTE!! I love how you used the Halloween graphics! :)

    My mom is a little neurotic when it comes to entertaining during Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the part of those holidays that sticks out in my mind is the stress, and my mom making sure we got our chores done so the house would be clean when guests arrived – LOL!

    Halloween was much more laid back at my house because it didn’t involve entertaining (but still came with all the fun family activities), so it has always stuck out as the favorite in my mind!

  2. Halloween is definitly my number 1 holiday!

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