Night Time Routines Are So Important

Night time routines are so vital and if you’re having a hard time getting your child to settle down at night you might want to reassess your child’s 37364_1509517540056_1297875807_1398285_6553081_nnight-time routine. I started a night-time routine with my daughter when she was a newborn. Jasmine slept in her crib from the second night we had her home from the hospital. I might have taken her routine a little overboard but what can I say, Jasmine was my first child. I admit I was a little anal with keeping her on schedule. I never veered from her schedule and we would always have her meal times and naps at the same time everyday. I remember I would run my errands in between her breakfast and afternoon nap just so I would be home in time to get her fed and down for her second nap of the day.

Once Jasmine got a little older she would actually ask to be put to bed and I remember my husband and I looking at each other flabbergasted. I never had a problem with Jasmine staying in her bed either. Once we shut her door she rarely came out. Jasmine would happily jump in bed and stay there all night long. I really think a nice warm bath before bed is the key. She loves to splash and I know it really relaxes her too.

Jasmine’s Night-Time Routine:

  • Dinner
  • Bathtime
  • Movie in her room for a little while enjoying a little snack
  • Potty & Brush teeth
  • Bedtime story
  • Prayers & Pledges
  • Sip of water
  • Kisses
  • Turn her music on

We usually have dinner around 5 pm and by 8 o’clock Jasmine is sound asleep. Jasmine’s night-time routine has stayed the same but of course we have to adjust it here and there as needed. After our nightly rituals Jasmine is out like a light and the husband and I can enjoy some must need unwind time.  Children do good when they know what to expect day-to-day and having a set schedule in place at bedtime definitely helps settle them down. For more check out The Value of a Child’s Bedtime Routine.


Do your kids have a night-time routine?

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  1. My sister has a pretty “strict” routine for her daughter. It works really well. Of course on the days where she can’t follow it, my niece can be a tyrant :)

  2. I agree night time routines are important… and when ours get messed up and they get to bed makes for cranky mornings

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