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medscaleSophie_the_Giraffe_Hi_Res[1]Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether Review. My 6 month old son is in full on teething mode and I thin I’ve bough every teething toy available on the market today. There was one teeter however that I didn’t try. Sophie The Giraffe showed up in my mail box a few days ago and since that fateful day she hasn’t left my son’s side. This amazing teether is also baby’s first sensory developement toy and stimulates your baby’s senses. Sophie the Giraffe from Vulli was born in 1961, her success as Baby teether and toy is legendary in France. Made in the French Alps with natural rubber and non-toxic paint, Sophie Le Giraffe has been safely cuddled and chewed for nearly 50 Years! Sophie is soft, light, and easy to grasp and fits perfectly into my baby’s little hands.



From the very moment unwrapped Sophie The Giraffe and gave it to baby Sean it has rarely left his side. It’s recommended not to steam sterilize Sophie because she will lose her adorable squeak. I just rinsed her off with warm soap and water steering clear of the little hole on her back side. Sophie is his new best friend. As I sit here and type out this review he has Sophie in his hands and he is busy chewing on her legs. My baby never took to a pacifier and I really don’t know why because he always wants something in his mouth. That’s why this toy is such a great fit for him. No more chewing his fingers raw.


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Baby Sean fell asleep with his new best friend and when he woke up he couldn’t find her. I love that I was able to capture his concern for Sophie, baby Sean’s concern for Sophie is visible all over his face. I think he likes the cute little squeaks Sophie makes when he is squeezing and chewing on her. The squeaks make him laugh and it’s kind of like he is talking to his toy and it’s talking back to him. I really wish I had this toy when he was first-born.

I highly recommend Vulli Sophie The Giraffe and I’m telling everyone I know with babies about her. I plan to give a few out as baby shower gifts to a few of my friends who are expecting. Sophie is suitable for all babies, even newborns.

Sophie The Giraffe is available for purchase on for only $18.74. No price is too high for my baby’s comfort and enjoyment.

Does your child have a favorite teether? Do you think you would try this specific teether for your baby?

*Disclaimer*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a free teether in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I bought Sophie off Amazon, money well spent. My son loves his Sophie!!

  2. that is such a cute little chew toy.. errr teether 

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