Chatman is a must have computer companion for your child

Chatman is a must have computer companion for your child. My oldest isn’t quite old enough to be on the computer but I know it will only be about another year before she will be surfing the web.  I think it’s so important to create a safe-zone for young children who are online and that’s why I’m so excited to tell you all about Chatman.

Chatman can be plugged directly into your computer through the built-in USB port so there is no need for a power cord or batteries. You’ll have to download some software and log-in at, but don’t worry, it was really easy.  It didn’t take us long to set up Chatman and before I knew it we were chatting and having fun. Chatman is an emoticion that comes to life, he’s totally interactive and your child will have a blast with him. Chatman has moving arms, and ears plus his LED mouth lights up to show different emotions, there are over 20 moods to choose from . His bright blue eyes are adorable and Chatman even has working eyelids.

Chatman will keep you and your children company while surfing the web, he even helps with homework, skill building and monitors when inappropriate conversation is exchanged on social media sites. He monitors sites you and or your child visits and frowns upon certain sites that might be considered not kid-friendly. Along with being able to chat with Chatmam from your control panel he also works with Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live, G-Mail and Facebook chat. He can pick up on the mood of your conversation and will jump in when he wants to. Chatman is kinda like that friend you have who chimes in on a conversation with their 2-cents every once in a while.

Another great feature of Chatman is his ability to remind you about birthdays, important dates and you can even set him to remind you of things that need to be done daily, such as chores for your child or when to take their vitamins. Plugging in reminders is really easy and doesn’t take much time. I had asked to be reminded about walking our dog daily and a cute picture of a dog pops on our screen and Chatman yells out “It’s time to walk the dog”.

Love his smiling face!

Love his smiling face!

Don’t forget to give Chatman attentions, if he is feeling left out he will start to get sad and his mood will change. Give him liked every once in a while to keep him happy, he loves the attention.

My thoughts:

I really like Chatman and I’m sure we will put him to good use once my 4.5 year-old gets just a little older. It’s hard to watch everything your child does online and it’s nice to know there is a friend named Chatman to help them along. It’s only a matter of time before my daughter starts spending time online. In the meantime I’ve got Chatman plugged into my PC, he’s a great buddy and it’s fun to randomly have a conversation with a big yellow plastic emoticon.

Chatman is recommended for children 6-12. For a limited time, now through mid-April, will offer Chatman at special Spring Break pricing of $49.99,  Chatman’s recommended retail price is $69.95-$74.95.

I was sent Chatman at no cost for conducting this review. I was not financially compensated for a positive review.

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  1. What a great invention! My son isn’t old enough to use the computer yet, but I can see how this would come in handy :)

  2. How cute! will be great for Kenz when she gets older

  3. He is really cute, I bet my 8 year old would love him.

  4. He sounds neat. Does he help block kids from inappropriate sites or just tell them they shouldn’t go there?

    • It won’t keep your kids off of sites they aren’t suppose to visit but it will alert you. Chatman will tell your child they shouldn’t be on certain sites.

  5. I love this! What a fantastic idea!

  6. That is just the coolest thing, I love it!!!! :)
    Anne from Good Steward Savers! :)

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