Weekly iPhone photos

It’s time for Weekly iPhone Photos again. Here are some of my favorite!!!

My Kids — Candid

We had a little mini photo session outside today. The weather was gorgeous and Jasmine was being her goofy self in front of the camera. Baby Sean just looks lost. I couldn’t pick just one photo to share so here are all of them.

Like always, I took these with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. Here is what I had the settings on John S Lens, Pistil Film, No Flash.

Jasmine’s First Pair of Flip Flops

She is 4.5 and just got her first pair of flip flips this week. I find this a little strange since I practically live in my flip flops all year long. These are now her favorite shoes and she wears they every second of the day, except of course while she is at school. She even put them on directly after her bath. She’s too funny.

Here is what I had the setting on Watts Lens, Big Up Film, No Flash.

Toes & Baby Head

I’ve always got my blog on my brain. Here are my adorable little toes and here my adorable little toes next to a really adorable baby.

For the photo on the left I used the following settings, Helga Viking Lens, Pistil Film, No Flash. For the photo on the right I used the following settings, Libatique 73 Lens, Pistil Film, No Flash

My Amazing Daugther, She Rocks!!!

I took this with one of my favorite settings, Loftus Lens, Blanko Freedom13 Film, No Flash.

Well, that was more than normal for a friday photo day share but I had so many photos that I just had to share. It’s time to get some of these printed.

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  1. They are so cute! Love her pair of flip flops :)

  2. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Great pics! I love how they pose so well for your pics!

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