Baby Medical Kit from Nuby

This baby Medical Kit from Nuby is a must-have for any caregiver. Nuby’s Medical Kit easily helps you take care of you child’s medical needs. From medicating to nasal and ear care, this kit makes it easier to care of your baby. This kit includes: Sure-Dose™ Medicine dropper, Medi- Nurser, Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe and Medicine Dispenser.

Fortunately, I haven’t had much need for this medical kit. The kids have managed to stay pretty healthy, despite J recently going back to school. I always get nervous when J starts a new school year. I never know what germs she will bring home for her baby brother. Baby Sean did have the sniffles a few weeks ago and I used the Nasal Aspirator a lot. I found it easy to hold and it sucked his boogies right out. I was using the Nasal Aspirator on baby Sean as often as I could. The tip of it is just the right size for his little nose.

J had to be given cough medicine a while back and one of her doses was needed while she was at school. I arranged with the nurse to give J her cough medicine and using the nifty Sure-Dose™ Medicine dropper I measured out a dose and sent her to school with it, easy-peasy.

This is a nice kit, everything you need and the price is definitely reasonable.

Buy Now

The Nuby Medical Kit can be easily be purchased by visiting and comes in 3 different color options. The best part, it’s only $6.99.


I was sent a free sample for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given. 

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  1. I’m glad you haven’t had much need for this kit, but it’s so important to have.

  2. My kids are constantly losing our aspirators and syringes for medicine. A kit like this could come in handy as a back up.

  3. This is a great kit to have, I think that it is nice to have a tool kit of different ways to accurately provide your child with the medicine they need.

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