New and improved Joovy Groove umbrella stroller

I’ve been through my fair share of umbrella strollers. Some have been better than others but none have been as awesome as our newest stroller, the Jovvy Groove. The rectangle aluminum frame is sleek and stylish, very modern and darn cute! The new and improved Joovy Groove umbrella stroller is gorgeous. The improved Joovy Groove is totally new, from the wheels up.



After a dreaded two straight weeks of rain I was excited to finally be able to take both of the kids out for a much needed walk. We were going stir crazy cramped in the house for so long. We all craved sunlight and dry ground. I was recently sent this Joovy Groove single stroller in Orangie. Isn’t the color so bright and vibrant?! Assembly was a cinch. I just snapped on the wheels, attached the canopy, did a little adjusting with the 5-point harness and that was it, we were off for our walk.

My son is 19-months old, about 27 lbs and growing like a weed. The maximum child weight is 55 lbs. This will most likely be the last stroller we ever use for him, it’s perfect, he loves it. Can’t you tell by the huge smile on his face?!


The removable oversized canopy with covered viewing window is one of my favorite features. The large canopy really helps to keep the sun out of baby Sean’s eyes. I usually always keep the viewing window open, I like being able to see him while I’m pushing the stroller.

The Joovy Groove features unlimited recline positions, I can recline to 149 degrees. Baby Sean often falls asleep when he’s being strolled around. I like for him to be comfortable. It’s so easy to recline this stroller without even waking him up. The leg support is easily adjustable, too. It pulls up for little babies and can easily be folded down for older babies and toddlers. When my son is asleep and the stroller is reclined I like to pull up the leg support, he almost lays flat, he loves it.


I choice Organie because I wanted a color to fit my son’s bright and bubbly personality. It’s easily recognizable, especially in a stroller lot, like the lots at Disney, or most theme parks. My husband and I both wish we had this stroller during our most recent trip to Disney World.


I really like the two mesh cup holders and large zippered pocket, plus the large basket at the bottom holds a lot, too. The Groove only weights 17 lbs. it’s so light and easy to carry. This stroller would have been ideal for Disney, so easy to fold and carry on and off the trams. I have nightmares thinking back to dealing with our last stroller on vacation. We lost a wheel in one of the trams we were on and when we got off the tram and unfolded the stroller we were shocked to see no wheel, total panic attack. It’s a long story, one I’d rather not get into.

The new and improved Joovy Groove umbrella stroller is hip, fun, sturdy, and very high-quality. I wouldn’t give this stroller up for another, it’s definitely part of our family now.

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Buy Now

The Groove is available in Joovy’s bestselling colors, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black. You can buy the new and improved Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller for only $199 directly from

I was sent a free sample for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given. 

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  1. He looks like he loves his new stroller! Love the bright colour too.

  2. I love, love, love how large the sun protection is! My kids hated our regular umbrella stroller because they didn’t have enough coverage. This one looks perfect and I love the bright bold colors!

  3. I love how big the canopy is! No worries about sunburn with that!

  4. Love the oversized canopy on this and the fact that it’s removable makes it even better!

  5. I really like the size of the canopy. Gives plenty of shade!

  6. I adore our Joovy stroller, they make great products!

  7. I love that orange color. So fun. Joovy seems to have a lot of great products! Very nice. Thank for sharing this umbrella stroller with us.

  8. Thats an adorable stroller, and love the color – so Spring-like!!

  9. I adore the color! I am in love with it! And we love our Joovy jogging stroller. I would love to try the umbrella stroller in the future!

  10. I have the older version of the Groove and I must say, I love the oversized canopy too!!


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