WaterWeek Kids: Great for Back-to-School


My 6-year old started 1st grade a couple of weeks ago. Since starting 1st grade, Jasmine now brings a packed lunch to school. I often worry about Jasmine not drinking enough water. It is something we’ve been struggling about with her for a while now. I have to force her to drink; Jasmine won’t do it willingly, it’s more of a chore for us now. I keep Jasmine hydrated daily, with water, tea, juice, and milk. WaterWeek Kids are great for back-to-school.

All WaterWeek bottles fit perfectly into most car cup holders, and children love their fun and bright designs. I like WaterWeek because the system helps me keep track of how much water Jasmine is drinking. At the beginning of the 5 day school week I fill each bottle from my larger 5 gallon water dispenser system and easily slide the tray filled with the bottles into my fridge.


Water Intake Recommendations for children

For the 4 to 8 year-old range, it’s recommended that children drink at least 5 glasses of water daily. That’s about 1 liter total. For children in the 9-12 year old range it’s suggested that they drink 7 glasses of water daily, about 1.5 liters. Tweens and teens should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, nearly 2 liters. If you’ve been struggling to get your children to drink the recommended daily allowance of water, I’ve shared my 5 easy tips for keeping children hydrated.

I was sent a pack of 16 oz WaterWeek Sport bottles ($19.99) and a pack of 10 oz  WaterWeek Kids Kaleidoscope ($16.99). All WaterWeeks packs come complete with a handy fridge tray that neatly slides into any fridge. I really like this system a lot, it’s easy, convenient, and keeps plastic bottles out of landfills. WaterWeek bottles are perfect for back-to-school, after school sports, and much more. WaterWeek for kids are BPA free, and are dishwasher safe as well.

WaterWeek™ offers the ONLY true solution to end the costly and wasteful purchasing of bottled water without giving up convenience. Just fill, chill & go!™

WaterWeek™ makes it easy and economical for consumers to reduce the millions of bottles that end up in the landfill everyday. Ditch the Disposables!

Shop WaterWeek at shopreduce.com/collections/waterweek. Check out Base Brands on Twitter @reduceeveryday. Follow the conversation on Facebook. You can also find Reduce Base Brands on Pinterest.

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  1. This is a great product idea, we need this for my kids! Love the designs too, so cute!

  2. Those are great reusable water bottles. So colorful and fun. My kids both love water which I am thankful for. I need to drink more though!

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