KING’S HAWAIIAN sandwiches are back at Arby’s

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arby’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

Guess what? KING’S HAWAIIAN sandwiches are back at Arby’s, but not for long, they are only around for a limited time, so get going. Arby’s has two delicous sandwiches for you to choose from, or if you don’t want to choose, just get both, I won’t tell. There is the Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef sandwich, and also the KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef & Swiss. I’ve tried both, and both are delicious. I really like the way the sweetness of the HAWAIIAN bread compliments the roast beef. It’s truly a delicitable pairing. 

KING'S HAWAIIAN sandwiches

I really like HAWAIIAN bread, actually, my entire family loves it. We often choose to make our sandwiches at home using HAWAIIAN bread rather than regular old sandwich bread. HAWAIIAN bread is a big hit at our house and we always have some on hand, but when we heard we could get HAWAIIAN bread at Arby’s, we headed out.

It’s not often that we eat out, but we try to take the kids out at least once a week. This week, we went to Arby’s. Both of the kids really liked the Roast Beef, while my husband and I enjoyed a little swiss added to ours. Getting to enjoy HAWAIIAN bread on a delicous Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich is such a treat. I think we will go back at least once more while the kids are out of winter break. We have to act fast though, KING’S HAWAIIAN bread at Arby’s are only available for a limited time, so, consider yourself warned.

I highly encourage you to Find an Arby’s and treat you and your family to either one of the delicous Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef and or the KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef & Swiss sandwich.

Connect with Arby’s on Twitter @Arbys. Let Arby’s know just how much you enjoyed your experience with the KING’S HAWAIIAN sandwiches.

Have you tried the KING’S HAWAIIAN sandwiches before, did you love them?

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  1. I Haven’t no, but it would have to be great to sway me from my Beef & Cheddars! My Fave!! ;)

  2. We haven’t had the chance to try these yet, but my husband loves when I surprise him with an “Arby’s Night”. That night will have to be soon so we can pick a couple of these up!

  3. I love King’s Hawaaian bread! I will definitely have to check out these sandwiches.

  4. We LOVE King’s Hawaiian bread so we will definitely check this out. My kids also love Arbys so win-win.

  5. You had me at Kings Hawaiian – I didn’t realize Arby’s was serving on them now. YUM!

  6. My Husband loves these sandwiches. He had to try one as soon as he saw the sign at Arby’s

  7. Mmmm! My favorite fast food lunch stop when I’m craving a roast beef sandwich. Can’t wait to try my classic roast beef on Hawaiian bread.

  8. I tried the King Hawaiian roast beef sandwich and have to tell you that it is now my favorite sandwich at Arby’s! It is so yummy! Def a guilty pleasure!

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