Deleted scene from Thor The Dark World

Well hello, Fab Mom Blog readers! Since Tiffany’s getting ready to jet off to Hollywood and meet my future husband Chris Evans and a whole host of amazing actors, she asked me to take a moment to share a recently released deleted scene from Thor The Dark World.

I love all things Thor. Well — to be completely honest — I love all things Loki. My adoration for the trickster god has apparently reached such a fever pitch that my co-workers gave me a life-sized Loki cutout for my birthday.

Loki Cardboard Cutout

You thought I was joking, didn’t you?

My buddies tried to mimic his smug, cross-armed pose, but moments after I snapped this picture they dissolved into giggles. I’d like to say they ultimately failed because they lack Loki’s mischievous nature, but I know an entire office full of people who’d beg to differ.

Marvel was nice enough to gift us with a fabulous deleted scene whereupon we see that even Loki isn’t always as graceful as he’d like us to believe.

Thor: The Dark World is currently available on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere. Check it out, because if you haven’t seen it at least five times, we can’t be friends anymore. Just sayin’.

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  1. Great scene! I’m planning to watch this movie as soon as I have the time.

  2. Getting a behind the scene peak is always so cool. How funny (but sweet) but have a life-sized Loki cutout for your birthday.

  3. Thor is one of my favorites! How do I get a Loki stand up?! :)

  4. How cute!! I loved the first picture!! :) Thank you for sharing :)

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