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Make a fashionista splash with these top tips

The kids are grabbing onto your leg, the house looks like a victim of the Dresden fire bombings, your husband is staring at you with fear in his eyes. But this is your night out – and you‘ll need an outfit to prove it. When you’ve got kids, styles seem to change quicker than the passing […]

Strange Magic trailer and poster


How insanely amazing does this first-look poster for Strange Magic look? Since everyone deserves to be loved, every one needs to go see this movie when it comes out in January. I’ll be one of the first in line to see it. Go ahead and travel to the magical and mysterious worlds of Strange Magic. […]

ELF: Buddy’s Musical Christmas airs tonight on NBC

BtE_Still02 (1)

“Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas” (Tuesday, 12/16 on NBC) – Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based on the holiday favorite film “Elf” and the hit Broadway musical, Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas is a stop-motion hour-long animated musical special featuring the voices of Jim Parsons as Buddy, Ed Asner reprising his role as the voice of […]

5 things to Know When Your Toddler is going to a Casting


You can have your toddler visit the next casting session to be selected for a modeling contract. However, there are a lot of things that you need to understand when it comes to casting for your kid. Once your toddler is selected for the shoot and need to visit the casting agency, there are a few things that […]

Rattan Furniture Adds Natural Beauty to Any Home Decor

Wicker and rattan furniture is attractive, comfortable and durable. Indoor selections include pieces for the living room, dining room, den, bedroom and bathroom. Outdoor styles are ideal for patios, porches and sun rooms. Although there is a difference between the two terms, they are often used to describe the same type of furniture. What is […]

Meal Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

Has it been a little too long since you last entertained your friends with a good old-fashioned dinner party? Or have you been watching cooking shows with keen eyes and feel in the mood for showing your friends just how good a cook you really are? Whatever your motivations, here are 3 simple – but delicious – meal […]

Pamper Your Pets with a Plush Foam Bed

Remember when you were a child, and you would go to a friend’s for a sleepover with a sleeping bag on the floor? Or maybe the time you visited your best friend at college, and did the same on his or her dorm room floor? Chances are, you survived the night, but it was a […]

How a mom can handle credit like a boss

As a busy Mom, you may not have given much thought to taking care of your credit score, especially if you’re in a position where more money flows out then flows in each month, or if you’re in a position where the money you do receive comes in at a slower rate than your bills […]

Importance of having health insurance for children

Anyone who has done it already can tell you, raising children is a challenge. Between making sure they have everything they need in life to supporting them financially for decades, children require a great deal of time and attention. In addition, they can also cost a great deal if you are not careful. Medical coverage […]

Please not another squeak toy

Dog Toys

With Christmas upon us for another year, let’s look at some gifts for the furrier part of your family – the faithful family dog. The default seems to be another squeaky ball toy, but that can be a real headache once they get their furry paws on it – literally. Let’s look at some other […]

Schlepping out the Christmas decorations, and for what?


This week it’s all about making it through Christmas with the Hecks, and deciding whether or not all the hoopla surrounding the holidays, decorating, baking, gifting are all really worth the aggravation. Leads me to this question: Is schlepping out the decorations for Christmas really worth it, and for what? Is it totally necessary to […]

3 household miracle machines all the family will thank you for

photo credit: Andrea Castelli via Flickr

The holiday season is almost upon us and for parents everywhere it’s time to get busy. Running around making plans, taking care of every detail, making sure everybody is kept happy; that’s certainly all hard work. But without some of the modern world’s most essential household items, how else would you fair? In this day […]

What brings you the most #Joy this holiday season? (SOYJOY Gift Basket Giveaway)


I received compensation for my work on this post. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. What brings you the most #JOY during the holidays? For me, that question is easy, my family brings me joy, lots of it. Seeing my children’s faces light up when they are making […]