A girls night out with online bingo

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A night out with your friends once in a while can give you a real boost. It really doesn’t matter what you do when you go out, as long as you have a chance to meet your girl friends and get to know what’s happening in their lives. It’s really important to make sometime, without thinking that you should see your friends always carrying their kids. That doesn’t means that one mustn’t have family outings with friends as they are equally important. But, sometimes you don’t get a chance to talk … [Read more...]

Minnie’s Pet Salon DVD is now available — FREE Activity Sheets


I was sent a copy of this movie free of charge to facilitate this blog article. No monetary compensation was given. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links. My children LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. For the last seven or so years I've watched so many episodes with the kids that when a new DVD is released we are all anxious to see it. When Minnie's Pet Salon arrived in our mailbox it wasn't long until we had it loaded in our DVD player. Minnie has been … [Read more...]

Giveaway and FREE Strange Magic Activity Sheets

STRANGE MAGIC activity sheets

I was sent a copy of this movie free of charge to facilitate this blog article. No monetary compensation was given. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links. George Lucas brings you the story of a music-filled fairy tale about finding love in the unlikeliest of places in Strange Magic on DVD, Digital HD/SD and On-Demand May 19th! This magical adventure features a host of colorful characters including a princess (voiced by Evan Rachel Wood) who has sworn off … [Read more...]

Questions to ask your insurance agent before purchasing a policy

There are a lot of different aspects to understand about an insurance policy before you ever make a purchase. Unfortunately, many newcomers to the insurance arena stumble in blindly, unsure about anything except that they must leave with a policy in hand. Here are some important questions to ask your insurance agent in Gastonia or wherever else you may end up purchasing a policy. You'll find these questions useful when discussing any insurance policy. Ask About the Company If you don’t know … [Read more...]

How to welcome new neighbors to your community

If you’ve ever been the new kid in town, then you probably know how much it can mean to someone to feel warmly welcomed. If you are welcoming new neighbors to your own community, start off your neighborly relationship right by using some of these ideas to make them feel at home. Choose Useful Housewarming Gifts Come up with some housewarming gift ideas that will show your new neighbors that their new community is a great place full of friendly and helpful people as they are likely apprehensive … [Read more...]

Experience your next family travel on a Caribbean Cruises


Taking the family away on a cruise may be one of the most memorable things you ever do together. For many it is the perfect holiday, as there is plenty for the kids to do on board and on shore, and time too for tired mums and dads to have a well earned rest! If you're new to cruises, then the best place to consider is the Caribbean.  Relax and Have Fun Firstly, consider the facilities you would like on board. As a general rule, the newer the liner is the more choice onboard there is likely to … [Read more...]

How much should you spend on champagne?


Tastes and budgets differ. If you’re buying a bottle of bubbly, you want to make the moment special – but how much should you spend? Before choosing a bottle of Champagne, you must first work out how much you’re willing to pay for it (unless you’re lucky enough for money not to be an object!) This will depend on what you’re buying the bottle for. Is it a gift? Or maybe a special date or a wedding proposal? Because it’s mainly a festive wine, champagne is always associated with all kinds of … [Read more...]