The Beauty of Snowflake Obsidian Beads

People often think of Snowflake Obsidian beads as looking like they have snowflakes on them against a black night sky. This is what makes them so unique. This is because they have many crystallized splotches that are white all over them. The background is a glossy black color. The black is naturally colored and is due to its magnesium and iron content. These come from natural sources. The variations are in natural colors and patterns. This is not something that is created after it has been … [Read more...]

Shopping For exotic trends from Kohl’s


Shopping for exotic spring trends from Kohl's is definitely the way to go if you're looking for a nice selection and great prices. At Kohl's you'll find a large choice of brands such as Rock & Republic, ELLE, LC Lauren Conrad, Daisy Fuentes, Jennifer Lopez Collection and more. I can shop for my entire family at one time and the prices are always great, the Kohl’s Cash is just an added bonus. Kohl's is one stop shopping and definitely a time saver. I knew the moment I walked through the doors … [Read more...]

Never Fear When Your SmartPhone Is Near


Never fear when your SmartPhone is near and I believe this to be true now more than ever. Last year I had a very fearful moment when an everyday trip to the park turned into a panic to save my daughter from over heating in a locked hot vehicle. Last spring I took my daughter to the park but I had no idea what kind of ordeal we were about to face. I had Jasmine buckled in her car set in the middle of the back seat in our new truck. I parked the truck grabbed my smartphone and jumped out. I had … [Read more...]

Organic Shops: Live Healthy and Use Organic Products Without Spending Too Much

Since having children my husband and I have adopted a more natural lifestyle. We only use cloth diapers, I prepare our baby's food myself using locally grown organic produce, we make our own detergent and we even raise chickens for fresh eggs.  Using only the highest quality organic products on my family will do because they deserve only the best. Unfortunately it's easy to spend a small fortune when shopping for organic products at traditional stores. Nowadays it's much easier to live healthy … [Read more...]

Shopping For A New or Used Car?


Shopping For A New or Used Car?   By now you have either probably either purchased or sold a car. I bet you used the internet to either search for a car or you posted your car in hopes of selling it. These days it's imperative to use the resources online when it comes to sell your car. I recently sold a car for my brother and found posting it online and also in their corresponding print ad I had a lot of success. Only a few days after placing the ad I sold the car. The internet should … [Read more...]

I Wouldn’t Make It a Day Without My Smartphone


I can honestly say I wouldn't make it a day without my smartphone, it's never far from my hands. I've been carrying around a smartphone for about 4 years now. Before I started blogging for a living I really had no use for a smartphone but as a full-time blogger now I can't miss a moment when it comes to social media and e-mails. In the blogging world if you snooze you lose. If I didn't have a smartphone by my side I could very easily miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. My smartphone is a … [Read more...]

Save Money at CouponCodes

During these tough economic times it's imperative to search for the best deal, compare prices and use discount codes. Discounts are out there and lately are becoming easier to find. There are so many websites doing the dirty work for you. All you have to do is take a few minutes and key in what you want to save on. Save Money at CouponCodes and find a discount on just about everything you want or need! Save your family money and get more for your dollar. So often we find ourselves trying to … [Read more...]

Dating Agency | Meet The Right Person For You

Dating 3

Dating Agency | Meet The Right Person For You It's a known fact that more people meet these days from an online dating agency then ever before, no one dates organically anymore and that's okay. More lasting relationships are formed online then in years past. We don't date like our grandparents or even our parents did. Most of then not we date online, via texting or e-mails. It's the kind of world we live in and it's no necessarily a bad thing.  Meeting online is quickly becoming the … [Read more...]