New Advil PM SleepHelp app

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There is a new app from Advil PM, it’s the SleepHelp app and I’m excited to tell you all about it. Advil PM SleepHelp is available for download from the apple app store. If you’re not an apple user, then rest assured, they have you covered, too. You can download the SleepHelp app on Google Play. […]

Organic Eco Princess Citrus shampoo and conditioner


My daughter has very long thick hair. I adore her hair and so does she. The chances of us cutting her hair anytime soon are slim to none. Taking care of a 5-year old with hair past her bottom can prove quite challenging, as I’m sure you can imagine. For the last few months I’ve […]

Culturelle Kids probiotic can help keep your little all-star in the spotlight


Culturelle Kids Probiotic can help you keep your little All-Stars in the spotlight! Good digestive health is very important for kids to feel their best. I know when my child feels good she does amazing things. Culturelle Kids Probiotic helps alleviate digestive issues like gas, bloating, and diarrhea that can hold her back from shining bright […]

A Slice of Delight handcrafted glycerin soaps review


A Slice of Delight offers Handcrafted Glycerin Soaps, so lather up and treat yourself to a slice. You’ll love these handcrafted melt and pour soaps. All soaps from A Slice of Delight are fun to use, will ruffle your senses and makes you feel good. The lather you get from these soaps is unlike any […]

Let’s Talk and Help Dove Reach 15 Million Girls by 2015 #spon


Let’s talk and help Dove reach 15 million girls by 2015. Dove® is committed to inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. The Dove® Movement for Self-Esteem invites all women to join in creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. 9 million girls have been reached so far […]

Dove Let’s Talk Self Esteem Weekend #spon


I find it alarming that 6 out of 10 girls stop doing what they love because they feel bad about their looks. I understand why though, society teaches us that looks are so important, when actually they aren’t and should never be. I was a pretty active teenager in High School. I played field hockey and […]

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Lotion


This sun season, Banana Boat Natural Reflect Lotion is launching 101 Days of Summer Play, a seasonal campaign that encourages families across the U.S. to create and capture happy, healthy summer memories, while highlighting the importance of sun protection. Banana Boat Natural Reflect Lotion offers sun protection using naturally sourced sunscreen actives that relfect UVA and […]

Culturelle For Kids Tummy Truths 14 Day Challenge Wrap Up


If you’ve followed along on my blog for the last two weeks then you’re familiar with the Culturelle For Kids Tummy Truths 14 Day Challenge that my daughter has been a part of. Jasmine has successfully completed all 14 days and she’s on her way to a healthy happy tummy for life. Way before this […]