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Toy Story of Terror now available

Toy Story is a favorite with my children and we were thrilled when Toy Story of Terror came out. Toy Story of Terror available on Blu-ray combo pack now. Reuniting after the events of the … [Read More...]

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4 Diamond Jewellery Making the Right Purchase v3

Dodge a diamond disaster with certified appraisals

Issues About your Precious Gem One of the key characteristics of a really great diamond is its clarity. Unfortunately, the process surrounding the valuation or appraisal of diamonds is often far from clear. How much gold is really there in a pair of 18ct … [Read More...]


Get comfortable and fashionable maternity clothes

Get Comfortable and Fashionable Maternity Clothes Most women feel both excitement and nervous when they learn they're pregnant. However, as your body begins to change shape, you may begin to feel self-conscious. Every expecting mother has been there. By the … [Read More...]

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Best ways of preserve family memories

With our seemingly 'always busy' personal lives, most of us don’t have time to capture and preserve our family memories and milestones. And we often curse ourselves for it later on. Although the task of preserving the ‘a-ha’ family moments may sound complex, … [Read More...]


Reconstruct yourself: Postpartum body shape

As moms, we understand having a baby can wreak havoc on our bodies. The pregnancy is wonderful, and the first month after having the baby we're so consumed with love and attention devoted completely to the little one that we often forget to just look in the … [Read More...]



It’s Friday – looking back over the last 7 days

I wish I could make myself blog more often, but I just can't. I have so many deadlines for work-related blogging that I just don't get the time to blog like I used to. I really wish I had the discipline to blog when something important happens, or when I get a … [Read More...]

Then and now - 3 years old

Weekly wrap-up and Happy 3rd Birthday, Sean II

This post does contain affiliate links. We had a great weekend trip to Ft. Polk, and this past week has equally rocked. Sean has only worked half days, something that we aren't very used to. The kids and I have enjoyed having Sean home more. My baby turns 3 … [Read More...]

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Just a snippet of our weekend at Ft. Polk

I blogged over at Cleverness of Me about just a snippet of our weekend at Ft. Polk. Sean and I had so much fun with the kids. The splash park at Ft. Polk was just what we needed after the terribly humid day we had. My husband got to play, I mean really … [Read More...]

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Let’s wrap up the week

This week has creeped by, and not in a good way. Today I'm heading north with my family for a Guam Liberation BBQ being held near Shreveport, LA. I'm excited to venture out and explore other parts of Louisiana. You might be asking yourself, "Why is Tiffany … [Read More...]

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End of the week wrap-up

How did Friday get here so quickly? Why are there only 4 more weekends until Jasmine starts 2nd grade? Why does it feel like life is speeding by so quickly? I think I already know the answer to all of my questions, but if feels good to vent and get them typed … [Read More...]