Seriously, I Love My Family and My Life

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Sitting here on the couch this evening I'm reminded of how lucky and loved I am. Sometimes it's so easy to get overwhelmed and forget these two simple things. The baby is down for the night, Sean and Jasmine are in the kitchen making dessert, the football game is on and I am sitting here with my laptop. I was working but quickly felt the need to type out this post. My husband works so hard, day in and day out, he does whatever he can to provide for us and never asks for much in return. I'm … [Read more...]

Saturday Morning Peek into my iPhone

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Finally taking a few minutes to put up a post totally unrelated to products, sponsors, or event. This is, just me. I started back journaling in March and after Jasmine was out of school in May I kind of stopped again. No time to sit with my pen in hand and write. I've made time again and it feels good. I love walking outside to see my pretty bright pink roses in full bloom. Bought this book a few weeks ago. Maybe if I could ever get it back from my mom I could start reading it. I've … [Read more...]