The Pirate Fairy Coloring Sheets and Activities

The Pirate Fairy Activities

This post contains affiliate links. In anticipation of Tuesday's release of Disney's The Pirate Fairy, and my recent trip to DisneyToon studios to chat with the filmakers, check out a (pirate) shipload of fun Arrr-ctivities and film clips. The Pirate Fairy coloring sheets and activities including coloring sheets, and much more. Help the Disney Fairies by matching them to their original talents. Help Zarina find Skull Rock by guiding her though a maze. Keep scrolling, I've included some … [Read more...]

Decoration Essentials for a Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party


This is a sponsored post brought to you by DollarTree. Planning a New Year’s Eve party is a fun way for kids to wrap up the holidays before they head back to school. Teenagers may want to have a regular party, but a slumber party is still a popular choice for the younger kids who want to stay up past midnight to welcome in the new year. Putting together a party after a holiday season that may have blown your budget doesn’t have to be an expensive event. Picking up New Year’s Eve party supplies … [Read more...]

Put the camera down….and enjoy life


While at Disney World and SeaWorld with my children, husband, and in-laws, I had an awakening of sorts. I decided to put the camera down....and enjoy life. Our very first day of vacation was spent at SeaWorld Orlando. While getting everyone together that morning and loading up strollers, food, children, and ourselves, I realized I couldn't find my phone. I was freaking out. I love taking photos with my iPhone and had been looking forward to taking pictures and sharing them through … [Read more...]

Cox Communications celebrates Black History Month


Cox Communications celebrates Black History Month by highlighting culturally relevant programming available On DEMAND and participating in various celebrations and events across the country. Since I'm in Louisiana I wanted to share a little about a local event happening February 24th at 2pm in Lafayette, Louisiana. Bring the family out for a day of fun and watch the 10th Annual African-American History Parade. This year’s theme is “And Still I Rise.” Be sure to look for the Cox float. The large … [Read more...]

Our family vacation to Disney World at Christmastime


Our family vacation to Disney World at Christmastime was fabulous, can we go back yet?! We were there during the supposed Mayan apocalypse. If the world was going to end there was only one place on earth I wanted to be, Disney World, the happiest place on earth. Against my wishes we first spent Sunday at SeaWorld. I was eager to get to Disney but everyone else wanted to visit SeaWorld Orlando first. I'm happy we did go because while there I rode the best roller coaster I've ever had the … [Read more...]

A “fintastic” day at SeaWorld Orlando


SeaWorld Orlando Back in December, my family and I ventured over and down to central Florida for a week of family fun. First on our agenda was a day at SeaWorld. We had a "fintastic" day at SeaWorld Orlando and we can't wait to go back. As a child, I spent a lot of time at the SeaWorld San Diego. Some of my best childhood memories are from spending time with my family at SeaWorld and I was excited to take my husband. He had never been and neither had our two small children. My in-laws and a few … [Read more...]

JumpSport ProFlex Trampoline basketball set and 50% of coupon code


My family continues to enjoy the JumpSport Elite Trampoline with Enclosure we received back in April of this year. All the children in our neighborhood love our trampoline, not only does it look beautiful but it's the safest trampoline on the market today and it's holding up nicely since assembled it over 8 months ago. I knew the next logical step would be to get the  JumpSport ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set $149.95. The JumpSport ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set is designed specifically for … [Read more...]