Make your own Maleficent and Princess Aurora costumes for Halloween + bonus clips

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Maleficent will be coming out of hiding soon when she’s released on Blu-ray and Digital HD Nov. 4th. To celebrate, I wanted to share a bonus clip titled, “Aurora: Becoming a Beauty.” In this clip, Elle Fanning talks about playing the beautiful Princess Aurora and what the character means to her. I also wanted to […]

How to plan a Halloween birthday party

Enchanting Halloween Decorating Ideas

If your child’s birthday is in the month of October or early November? A Halloween birthday party could be the ideal party theme that translates into a lot of fun and is remembered by you and the child for years to come. In the process, you are likely to save money on party decorations when you […]

Effortlessly create stories with photos using MediaStory


I can effortlessly create stories with photos using MediaStory. #IntelAIO Our Halloween turned out nothing like we had planned. For the first time ever, Halloween was a washout, well, almost. Rain was forecasted for Halloween, but we all held out until the very last moment. When we realized the rain wasn’t going away, we still […]

Halloween, not a total wash


Halloween this year wasn’t a total wash. I held out hope that the rain wouldn’t come till after 8pm. I even put on a huge pot of homemade chili for an easy meal so much effort wouldn’t have to go into dinner after getting back from trick-or treating. Since the trick-or-treating never happened, we still […]

21 kid-friendly Halloween crafts


I ADORE Halloween, always have. I especially love kid-friendly Halloween crafts. I’ve complied a list of my favorite Halloween crafts. Hope you and your family enjoy them. Halloween monster cups from Adorable no-carve mini pumpkin monsters from Five little pumpkins finger puppets from Mickey’s Paper Bag Scarecrow from Recycled crayon craft from […]

We are offering the little trick-or-treaters YumEarth organic candies and snacks this Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner. Are you ready? We haven’t even picked out costumes yet. Not too sure what the children are dressing up as, but there is one thing I’m sure of. We are saying no to artificial dyes and flavor this Halloween. Instead we are offering the little trick-or-treaters c/o YumEarth organic candies […]

Free FRANKENWEENIE inspired pumpkin carving cutouts


Check out these free FRANKENWEENIE inspired pumpkin carving cutouts for you and your family to enjoy this Halloween season. I was at the world premiere of Frankenweenie and thought it was amazing, here’s my review if you want to see what I thought about it. Are your kids crazy for FRANKENWEENIE? If they are they […]

FREE Frankenweenie Halloween masks

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Here are some FREE Frankenweenie Halloween Masks for you and your family to enjoy. Print your favorite Frankenweenie characters. FRANKENWEENIE arrives in theatres everywhere on October 5th!

Dia de los Muertos

I absolutely love Dia de los Muertos make-up. I want to wear it one year for Halloween. It looks so beautiful and I love the bright colors, it really makes a statement. I want to do something like this for Halloween this year but I’m afraid it will scare the hell out of the kids. […]

Homemade Baked Pumpkin Seeds


What do you do with your pumpkin guts?? If you just toss them consider making a delicious snack instead. Every year we save the pumpkin guts and make homemade baked pumpkin seeds. My husband loves eating them. Here is a super simple way to make your own! Believe me, your homemade seeds will taste much […]

Our Halloween Mrs. Pumpkin Head

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Our Halloween Mrs. Pumpkin Head.   Do you have some old Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head parts sitting around?? I’ve come up with a nifty way to reuse those old parts. Check out our Mrs. Pumpkin Head. Isn’t she cute?! This was a super easy project. All I used was an ice pick and a […]

Chocolate Dipped Halloween Banana Pops

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Check out how easy these Chocolate Dipped Halloween Banana Pops were to make!!! I melted the chocolate morsels in a double burner but you could really do this with Hersey’s chocolate Syrup if you wish. The number of bananas is totally up to you, cut them whatever size you would like. Super Easy Steps: Peel […]

Yard defender: a twist on the traditional Jack-o-lantern


Check out our Yard Defender: a twist on the traditional Jack-o-lantern. He is pretty intimidating isn’t he?!   3 medium to large size pumpkins 1 smaller pumpkin pumpkin guts (seeds and such) 2 sticks for arms 1 steel rod or sturdy wood stick fake blood Your Imagination Drill a hole through 2 pumpkins and use the […]