NickMom helped me realize I’m not a drunk


Did the title grab your attention? If it did, then it worked! NickMom really didn’t helped me realize I’m not a drunk, rather, NickMom helped me realize that a drink on Thanksgiving is warranted and necessary. Being a parent is stressful enough. Add in Thanksgiving and a trip to the in-laws, and things escalate rather […]

Deep fry a turkey this Thanksgiving


We deep fry a turkey every Thanksgiving and Christmas. The turkey skin is crispy and the meat is juicy and very flavorful. I will never bake another Turkey as long as I live. Deep-fried turkey is glorious! #IntelAIO From as far back as I can remember, Thanksgiving was a special time in our home. My dad was in […]

21 cranberry desserts and appetizers


It’s that time of year again, cranberries are being harvested and will soon show up fresh at your local grocery store. I’ve scoured Pinterest, and some of my favorite food blogs to bring you 21 cranberry desserts and appetizers. I hope this list inspires you to do more with cranberries this holiday season, they are […]

Sweet and savory recipes for fall

Pumpkin Bars with Cool Whip Frosting #CoolWhipFrosting

[start-box] Delicious Pumpkin Bars with Cool Whip Frosting  Danielle from Simmworks Family Blog has created these mouth-watering Pumpkin Bars with Cool Whip Frosting and I can’t wait to make them. These Pumpkin Bars will pair perfectly with my morning pumpkin spice coffee. It’s no wonder Fall is my favorite time of the year.[end-box]

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Fried Turkey & Mash Potatoes Casserole Create with Mrs. Cubbison’s

Fried Turkey & Mash Potatoes Casserole

Who says Turkey is only for Thanksgiving?! Not in my house, we enjoy cooking and eating turkey quite often. The other day my family and I created a dish with products from Mrs. Cubbion’s. I put together a yummy Fried Turkey & Mash Potatoes Casserole. We didn’t use just any old turkey either, we deep-fried our […]